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Wire Majestic calacatta Chagall spinning chair easy care flax 7 | Joli

The ultimate in femininity: Chagall’s ‘egg cup’ curves are organic and graceful. The shaped foam seat can be upholstered in vegan leather or a fabric with a pleasant feel. This beautifully designed armchair is available with either a fixed (x-base / sled base) or spinning foot. Despite its strikingly light structure, this is a strong, long-lasting chair.

2 Elyps table Chagall spinning velvet beige | Joli
2 Wire Majestic calacatta Chagall spinning easy care flax 12 | Joli
Propeller soft oak Chagall sled base easy care flax | Joli
Joli John Ghekiere | Joli

John Ghekiere

John Ghekiere, also known as Mister Joli, established Joli in 1996. As founder of the furniture brand, he is keen to see the company grow and develop. R&D is therefore his main focus. His keen interest in innovation, superior materials and a sharp eye for functional design are an intrinsic part of his personality. The creation of new products and directing marketing campaigns are his greatest passion.

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