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Curve faux elyps caravaggio Curve smooth tagine 2 | Joli


Organic lines, that’s what this collection is all about. These lines cause both the tables and the chairs to be a visual delight. However, they are also very practical. The chairs are perfect for long days of sitting, because the slight curve and the flexible upper part allow you to sit up straight without looking too stiff. The Curve chairs and tables can be put together in such a way that they complement any decor.

Curve elyps caravaggio Curve chair leather cognac | Joli
Curve faux elyps caravaggio Curve smooth tagine 3 | Joli


Joli John Ghekiere | Joli

John Ghekiere

John Ghekiere, also known as Mister Joli, established Joli in 1996. As founder of the furniture brand, he is keen to see the company grow and develop. R&D is therefore his main focus. His keen interest in innovation, superior materials and a sharp eye for functional design are an intrinsic part of his personality. The creation of new products and directing marketing campaigns are his greatest passion.