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Fizz bistro table Fizz rope solemio black | Joli


The starting point of this collection is organically shaped aluminium. The slender, feminine lines and curves give these tables and chairs a visual lightness. The seat pattern was inspired by traditional rattan. Replacing this with high-end Italian rope produces an extremely attractive and recognisably modern look. Not only is the rope very comfortable to sit on, it is also totally weatherproof and dries extremely quick.

Fizz round marble marone Fizz chairs charcoal | Joli
Collins lino fizz low lino | Joli


Mathias De Ferm | Joli

Mathias De Ferm

Mathias De Ferm is a product and furniture designer from Antwerp, Belgium. Collaborating with renowned international brands, his work includes furniture, products, lighting and micro-architecture.

His work is characterized by a strong belief in the social relevance of design. A dining table, for instance, is not limited to its practical qualities. It forms the social centerpiece of a home: a place where people gather to eat, drink and talk with each other. This idea led to a serene yet warmhearted aesthetic and the frequent use of durable materials.