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17 JOLI 2021 SET 03 Main 191 A6249 | Joli

Make the most of your sunny terrace with our wide variety of products. Drift away into the cosy Fizz lino low chair, accompanied with the low Wire table in a marble marone finish. Lay down in one of our loungers or enjoy refreshments in your low dining set all day long.

Collins lino fizz low lino | Joli
JOLI 2021 SET 05 Main 191 A7506 copy | Joli


JOLI 2021 SET 02 191 A6100 | Joli

Dining room

Curve faux elyps caravaggio Curve smooth tagine 2 | Joli
15 JOLI 2021 SET 06 191 A8583 | Joli
3 Curve elyps caravaggio Curve chair leather cognac 1 | Joli
2 Layers Soft Oak Heatt dia 21 soft oak 3 | Joli

At Joli, we strive to make a table the place where you create memories. After all, a table is the centrepiece of the dining room.