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Wire Majestic

37 JOLI 2021 SET 02 Main 191 A5738 | Joli

Four, five or even six meters of stylish opportunities. Whether it’s in a meeting room or in a wedding hall: this Wire table is the ideal setting for majestic moments. In its grandeur, this table is suited for large groups and for lasting memories. With the super powers of ceramics as a bonus.

Wire Majestic does it with ease. Brightening up the room and the occasion.

JOLI 2021 SET 02 191 A5750 | Joli
Wire Majestic calacatta Chagall spinning easy care flax 9 | Joli
Wire Majestic calacatta Chagall spinning chair easy care flax 5 | Joli


- no scratches
- 100% UV-resistant
- absorbes no grease, acid water and wine
- 100% resistant to frost
- no more greasy fingers
- no visible dust
- indoor and outdoor use
- easy maintenance

Xeramica® 6+6 mm
This is a ceramic plate of 6 mm laminated onto a pane of 6 mm tempered glass. The maximum width is 150 cm. And this is only available in Calacatta.

Xeramica® 13 mm
This is a full ceramic plate, with 1 mm of fiber-glass membrane underneath. The maximum width is 150 cm. This is available in 10 colors: Emperador, Black Iron, Lava Brown, Absolute White, Marble Marone, Marble Azuro, Caravaggio, Travertino Grey, Soft Oak and Charisma Grey.

Our table tops are made of ceramic, Xeramica®. Xeramica® consists of minerals that are pressed together high pressure and at high temperature to form a very dense, homogeneous structure.

Mathias De Ferm | Joli

Mathias De Ferm

Mathias De Ferm is a product and furniture designer from Antwerp, Belgium. Collaborating with renowned international brands, his work includes furniture, products, lighting and micro-architecture.

His work is characterized by a strong belief in the social relevance of design. A dining table, for instance, is not limited to its practical qualities. It forms the social centerpiece of a home: a place where people gather to eat, drink and talk with each other. This idea led to a serene yet warmhearted aesthetic and the frequent use of durable materials.

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