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Curve Dining Faux Elyps Extendable

4 Curve faux elyps black iron Rafael sled base corallo cherry | Joli

From great to grand. This Curve dining table is extendable. That’s why it deserves the XXL title. Create the space you need at any time. In order to appeal to Curve lovers as well as those who prefer austere design, the table top is a faux elyps.

Curve faux elyps extendable marble marone Curve armchair smooth sooty 1 | Joli
Curve faux elyps extendable marble marone Curve armchair smooth sooty 3 | Joli
Curve faux elyps marble marone Chagall sled base corallo beige | Joli


- no scratches
- 100% UV-resistant
- absorbes no grease, acid water and wine
- 100% resistant to frost
- no more greasy fingers
- no visible dust
- indoor and outdoor use
- easy maintenance

Xeramica® 6+6 mm
This is a ceramic plate of 6 mm laminated onto a pane of 6 mm tempered glass. The maximum width is 150 cm. And this is only available in Calacatta.

Xeramica® 13 mm
This is a full ceramic plate, with 1 mm of fiber-glass membrane underneath. The maximum width is 150 cm. This is available in 10 colors: Emperador, Black Iron, Lava Brown, Absolute White, Marble Marone, Marble Azuro, Caravaggio, Travertino Grey, Soft Oak and Charisma Grey.

Our table tops are made of ceramic, Xeramica®. Xeramica® consists of minerals that are pressed together high pressure and at high temperature to form a very dense, homogeneous structure.

Joli John Ghekiere | Joli

John Ghekiere

John Ghekiere, also known as Mister Joli, established Joli in 1996. As founder of the furniture brand, he is keen to see the company grow and develop. R&D is therefore his main focus. His keen interest in innovation, superior materials and a sharp eye for functional design are an intrinsic part of his personality. The creation of new products and directing marketing campaigns are his greatest passion.

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