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Side Tables

 | Joli


These dynamic and playful tables allow you to finish your work from a lounge chair or just makes your drink and snack easy to reach when you’re chilling.

This powder-coated aluminium side table was designed with outdoor use in mind. A small, light-weight design in two different heights. Prefer a tidy look? Simply slide the low Collins table under the higher version and put them aside.

Our newest side table: Flower. Just like a real flower, this flower table changes over time. You can move each table top – the flower’s petals – to make a new composition. Brand new in the range of colors: bronze. Luxurious, trendy and timeless.

 | Joli
 | Joli


 | Joli

Mathias De Ferm

Mathias is a product and furniture designer from Antwerp, Belgium. Collaborating with renowned international brands, his work includes furniture, products, lighting and micro-architecture.

His work is characterized by a strong belief in the social relevance of design. A dining table, for instance, is not limited to its practical qualities. It forms the social centerpiece of a home: a place where people gather to eat, drink and talk with each other. This idea led to a serene yet warmhearted aesthetic and the frequent use of durable materials.