• Easy Care Fabric
  • Rafael armrest

    How to fix the armrest of the chair Rafael in a jiffy.

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  • Easy Care kit natural oak

    Complete set to help you clean and maintain your Natural Oak furniture easily.
    Retains natural matte character of the wood.

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  • Wings XL extensable

    Whether you opt for a glass Matilux® or Xeramica® tabletop, this Wings table is a unique piece in your interior.

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  • Cube cabinet assembly

    Assembling your Cube cabinet without damage.

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  • Replacing the battery pack

    How to replace a Luna light disc or Tapaz battery pack effortless.

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  • Largo XL extensable

    Extend the Largo XL extansable in only 5 steps. Available in Matilux® glass and Xeramica®.

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  • Backrest Wings bench

    Installation of the backrest clamps to set up your Wings bench backrest.

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  • Monet wheel

    See how you can tighten the wheels of your Monet chair.

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