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Marvelous marble

The magic of natural stone as a climax of the Wire collection. This marble marone table top, carefully crafted into a faux elyps, creates endless possibilities for daily activities or special occasions, with the inviting table at the center of the action. It’s the first time we show this table to the public. Some secrets deserve to be out in the open, don’t they?

While we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, we added a Rafael x-base. The truffle colored seating is tapping into the color play of the marble, supporting the look and feel. In perfect harmony, like yin and yang.

Jocelyn morales 85u5o GSBJ1s unsplash | Joli
Jocelyn morales 85u5o GSBJ1s unsplash | Joli
Elizabeth pishal Fr FQ B7hf Aw unsplash | Joli
Augustine wong z B1 JO s Wl OE unsplash | Joli



  • type: dining table
  • form: faux elyps
  • frame: black
  • top: marble marone
Curve faux elyps caravaggio Curve smooth tagine 2 | Joli
Arcadia WILD 180 X355 ingr blu LARGO 2 | Joli
15 JOLI 2021 SET 06 191 A8757 | Joli
Easy Care Fabrics Truffle | Joli


Rafael x-base

  • frame: black
  • cushion: easy care truffle

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