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Six meters of stylish opportunities. Whether it’s in a meeting room or in a wedding hall: this Wire table is the ideal setting for majestic moments. The calacatta top gives this design a stately appearance. Even over this impressive length, the veins run naturally from one side to the other.

In its grandeur, this table is suited for large groups and for lasting memories. With the super powers of ceramics as a bonus. The Chagall spinning chairs have an easy care flax finish, emphasizing the bright color palette.

From festive to professional: Wire Majestic does it with ease. Brightening up the room and the occasion.

JOLI 2021 SET 02 191 A5959 | Joli
JOLI 2021 SET 02 191 A5959 | Joli
JOLI 2021 SET 02 191 A6100 | Joli


Chagall spinning

  • frame: black
  • cushion: easy care flax
2 Wire Majestic calacatta Chagall spinning easy care flax 12 | Joli
Easy Care Fabrics Flax | Joli

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