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and out.

Experience indoors comfort in the garden or vice versa. This setting is perfectly suited for both environments, combining style and weatherproof materials. Even the smooth canvas cushions endure the Belgian climate. Why skimp on comfort when you can just take it with you, across the threshold of your building? We don’t just bring the comfort outdoors, we also bring strong looks and sharp design. Partly thanks to the calacatta table top.

Mathias De Ferm’s Marguerite chairs are available with and without armrest. For those who like some additional support and for those who prefer maximal freedom. Which type of sitter are you? Compare both options and find out for yourself.

The XL dining table is extendable. From relatively small and cosy to impressive and extra functional.

JOLI 2021 MODEL Lily 191 A0949 | Joli
JOLI 2021 MODEL Lily 191 A0949 | Joli
Marguerite armchair | Joli
Patrick langwallner 3p R7d t I Rx8 unsplash | Joli



  • type: XL dining table
  • form: rectangle
  • frame: black
  • top: calacatta
Marguerite Joli | Joli
JOLI 2021 SET 02 191 A5999 | Joli



  • frame: black
  • cushion: smooth canvas
Marguerite armchairs | Joli
Marguerite armchairs | Joli
Marguerite round calacatta Marguerite white chairs | Joli
Marguerite elyps soft oak Marguerite chairs smooth sooty shell 1 | Joli

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