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At the center
of your home.

Meet our Central table. We present it to you proudly, with a round and an elyps table top. It’s ready to become the centerpiece of your home. The pivotal table leg gives you maximum freedom of movement. In addition, the elegant pillar reinforces the organic overall picture.

The Caravaggio table top will charm everyone. It suits any interior style, like a true chameleon. The pleasant sitting feeling is due to the eggshell shape of the Morisot chairs. They combine soft shapes with a firm backrest and handy armrests, topped off with velvet and smooth fabric.

Also new: the Central elyps table. Lots of table space, carefully mounted on a compact, yet steady, trestle. Practical and stylish, finished with the ceramic table top: charisma grey.

Pexels mathias pr reding 5332007 | Joli
Pexels mathias pr reding 5332007 | Joli
Pexels cottonbro 4937204 | Joli



  • type: dining table
  • form: round
  • frame: black
  • top: caravaggio
JOLI 2021 SET 01 191 A5901 | Joli
JOLI 2021 SET 01 191 A5901 | Joli
Pexels sunsetoned 6618562 | Joli



  • frame: black
  • fabric: velvet & smooth
Velvet Orange | Joli
Velvet Orange | Joli
Velvet Black | Joli
Smooth Tagine | Joli

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