Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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  • High Pressure Laminate
  • Composition of HPL tops: HPL panels are made of wood fiber or layers of paper mixed with synthetic resin. These are pressed together under high pressure and at high temperature. A chemical reaction occurs, which gives these HPL panels their unique features.
  • HPL is weather proof
    HPL is resistant to weathering; the material is moisture-resistant and fungus-free.
  • HPL has UV stability
    HPL retains its color even after many years due to its UV-resistance on both sides.
  • HPL is light
    HPL is far lighter than natural stone, yet self-sustaining and extremely strong.
  • HPL is resistant against impacts
    HPL retains its shape and can take a bit of rough handling. Sharp object, however, might cause scratches!
    That’s why we prefer to advise you our Xeramica, who is unschratchable!

Matilux is extra clear glass that has an acid-etched top finish and is colored on the underside.

1. No more greasy fingers;
2. No reflection in the sun;
3. No visible scratches, scratches are possible;
4. Feels soft and warm;
5. The coat of paint on the underside is baked into the glass and is scratch-free;
6. The glass is tempered;
7. No green or blue effect on the edge of the glass;
8. Easy maintenance, no streaks after polishing.


Due to the unique production process, ceramic may naturally exhibit minor impurities (small color differences, pigmentation marks, minor protrusions / indentations or stripes depending on the light) and variations in size which is still meeting recognized quality standards and are no cause for complaint.

1) Spots/dots defects: max. 4 spots/dots not same color of the slab, max dia. 1mm, distance 50cm each other. Max. 6 spots/dots same color of the slab, max dia. 1mm, distance 50cm each other.

2) Little superficial dents: max. 10 dents, dia. 2mm, distance 50cm each other.


Dark dyed trousers or jeans often leave stains on leather and leatherette. If that happens, use Cif cleaning product, or better still Glass Clean, an ammonia and quartz free product. Try to clean your seat or sofa as soon as you notice the marks; otherwise the stains will be impossible to remove.

Use undiluted. After applying, rub in with a cloth or brush and rinse. Do not leave to dry in direct sunlight(can leave white traces). For delicate surfaces, always previously try out on a non-visible place.

Matilux® glass can indeed show spots when it is wet, but these disappear after drying. This is the result of the acid process during production. This blemish gradually diminishes as the table gets more used and cleaned.

For daily maintenance, you can simply use a damp chamois. It is recommended to use a soft eraser, or Cif for persistent dirt. If you have used Cif, wipe it all off well with a damp chamois. Dry it carefully, and apply leather cream to stop the leather from drying out because of the aggressive Cif.

Shake before use, apply with a sponge and remove light dirt layers by rubbing carefully. Tough dirty spots should be brushed to loosen the dirt and remove with a cloth. In case of textured stainless steel, rub along the texture. Rinse afterwards with clean water.

Cleans, protects and degreases. It even removes water stains from glass, ceramics and stainless steel with the need to clean. You can safely use Glass-Clean in the vicinity of food. Keep in a frost-free place.

Prior to use: Treat the stainless steel frame with Inox-Clean.

Apply this product to a wet cloth or paper towel and rub on the dry surfaces.
This product cleans and maintains stainless steel, leaves a water-resistant film and prevents fingerprints. If there are any small scratches, you can use the accompanying scouring pad to remove the scratches.

WATCH OUT: rub only in the scouring direction of the stainless steel! So not make circular or diagonal movements. Usage: undiluted.