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Rafael Armchair

14 JLI Wire tafel Black Old Oak Rafael Marguerite sf03 06 16 | Joli

Modern, stately and surprisingly comfortable: the Rafael chair is a must for anyone looking for the ultimate combination of sober refinement and warm conviviality. The minimalist design gives your living room a sophisticated aura. The seating gyrates on the base for optimal comfort. This chair stands on a spinning leg and, for extra comfort, has armrests. Perfect for sitting on all evening, but also ideal as a chair for your workplace!

14 jol2946def | Joli
Rafael armchair spinning black Joli | Joli
14 joli2525def | Joli
Joli John Ghekiere | Joli

John Ghekiere

John Ghekiere, also known as Mister Joli, established Joli in 1996. As founder of the furniture brand, he is keen to see the company grow and develop. R&D is therefore his main focus. His keen interest in innovation, superior materials and a sharp eye for functional design are an intrinsic part of his personality. The creation of new products and directing marketing campaigns are his greatest passion.

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