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Cube 55

2 Cube 55 dubbeldekker kleur brons met Space | Joli

Meet Cube, our cabinet collection. The options are endless. The seperate blocks can be put together in such a way that they deserve a place in every interior.

There are endless color combinations to be made. Give everything the same colour or choose a variation between the inside, outside and top. Thanks to the material the doors are made of, Matilux®, you no longer have any problems with stripes, scratches and reflections in the sun.

You can choose between Cube 55, 70, 85 and 193. Did you know that the number in the name refers to the height of the separate blocks?

Cube 55 2 L space and lamp 3 D Matilux bronze | Joli
1 Cube 55 wall cabinet matilux anthracite with wire legs | Joli
Joli Chris Vankeirsbilck | Joli

Chris Vankeirsbilck

After studies in woodworking, Chris Vankeirsbilck earned his spurs at his father’s glass processing company. Since 1985, his business, V-sign, has grown from a glassworks into a master of interior design and design furniture. The combination of glass and wood is his signature to this day.

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