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Turnable Disc

Joli Showroom 089 | Joli

Thanks to the Turnable Disc, everything is within reach.

Joli Showroom 091 | Joli
Joli Showroom 088 | Joli
Joli Showroom 089 | Joli


- no scratches
- 100% UV-resistant
- absorbes no grease, acid water and wine
- 100% resistant to frost
- no more greasy fingers
- no visible dust
- indoor and outdoor use
- easy maintenance

Joli casmoor lievenmusschoots | Joli

Cas Moor & Lieven Musschoot

Lieven Musschoot graduated as an interior architect from the Architecture school Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. He believes interior architecture is a reaction between the client and the architect.

Cas Moor graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and a masters degree in Autonomous design. His projects range from interior architecture, lighting, furniture and accessories to exhibitions and electronics.

Since 2014 Moor & Musschoot are a productdesign team. Their philosophy is: “It’s obvious that a designer listens to the machines”.

Perfect match