Joli is the brainchild of Belgium-based company Ghekiere Industries. Since its inception, in 1996, Joli has been specializing in the production of metal, aluminum and stainless steel furniture as well as high-quality chairs, both for retailers and wholesalers. Joli manufactures tables, chairs and cabinets that meet current material and stability standards, all aligning with the newest design trends. Furthermore, we also offer bespoke furniture on request. Thanks to a wide range of finishes in a variety of styles, a great eye for detail and an ear to the latest developments in market trends, Joli manages to offer designs that are both timelessly modern and trendy.

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Joli doesn’t like the distinction between indoor and outdoor furniture. Due to its comprehensive functionality and original design, our furniture finds its place both indoors and outdoors. Again, its durable qualities ensure that it is easy to maintain and capable of withstanding different types of weather. The modern character of our contemporary furniture effortlessly combines sleek design with warm coziness.

Made in Belgium

Our products are 100% Belgian in terms of quality and manufacture. We always guarantee fast delivery and after-sales service.


Joli makes the difference, something that is noticeable right from the first glance.

Our tables, chairs, cabinets and accessoires exude not only quality, authenticity and comfort. They stand out in other areas as well.

  • Our products are 100% Belgian in terms of quality and manufacture.
  • All raw materials without exception are of European quality. The whole manufacturing process up to the finished product takes place in Belgium.
  • We always guarantee fast delivery and after-sales service.

Design Customization

Joli is a Belgian quality brand for customized metal tables. All are hand crafted. This approach allows us to offer you tailored craftsmanship, and it is this offering that makes us genuinely unique in the world.

In addition, we design chairs, benches and furnishings that harmoniously match our designs, thus adding value to them. Comfort and image are central in our work.

Furniture tailored to your dreams

You know exactly how your dream interior or terrace should look like. And thanks to Joli’s customized service, you can easily choose the perfect furniture for it.

Since you specify the dimensions, colours and finish of your table, bench or wall cabinet, you leave nothing to chance. Our professionals then translate your wishes personally in our workshop.

Choose your dimensions

Calculate the size of your table, bench or cabinet.

Select your colours

In addition to our range of six colours, we also offer you a selection of RAL colours. You will always achieve the perfect match in your living or dining room or on your terrace.

Room for ideas

Does your interior require a slightly higher table, a deeper cabinet or a bench somewhat longer than the standard size? At Joli, we make sure you get the most out of your space, always based on your own ideas.


Thanks to innovative designs you can enjoy unparalleled comfort and ambience while sitting at the table – with or without your guests.